So What if People Hate President Trump

So What if People Hate President Trump
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4 thoughts on “So What if People Hate President Trump

  1. The Bible says to love our enemies and bless those who curse us. I look forward to the days when we’ll have a more level headed leader at the helm. I can’t find any redeeming qualities in him. He doesn’t speak or behave like someone who reads the bible daily. He seems more interested in watching TV than doing his homework. He treats women like objects. Clearly, he hates Mexicans and any other race of people not like him. Now, I understand no president is perfect. Obama made mistakes as did every president before him. However, I don’t hate Trump. I know his narcissistic personality disorder is at the root of his problems. He’s bringing about a wave of more diverse politicians! That’s been a blessing. With our prayers, our nation will find peace soon enough.


    1. The redeeming quality in him is that he was elected President and we are supposed to pray for him, just as we are supposed to pray for all those in authority over us. I respect the office. I agree that he does and says some things that are off the wall, but they should now cause people to judge him so harshly. God is the final judge, not us, thank goodness!


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