Love Your Enemies

Honestly, I did not think that loving my enemies was a problem for me. After all, each time someone comes to my mind with whom I have a difference, I pray for them, asking God to bless them. Then, it happened. I saw a clip this morning of Speaker Nancy Pelosi showing her ripping up the President’s State of the Union address. What utter disrespect and animosity she demonstrated! The anger in my heart rolled. I did not pray for her; I wished for her to lose her office, her fortune, her health, whatever she could lose. But then, in the middle of my mental wrath, I was reading my emails and got the latest one from Dr. Denison. Stopped in my tracks!

Now, I am praying for Nancy Pelosi. She isn’t my enemy. She is not the enemy of the people. She is just a sinner who needs to be saved by grace in spite of the fact that she touts to everyone that she is a Christian. Just like many of us. Maybe she really is a Christian. I don’t know. I’m not the final judge. I do know that she should repent of her attitude towards the President, but I don’t think that will happen. Nevertheless, the only person whose attitude I have any influence over is me! So, that’s the one I am working on this morning.

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Here is the link to the article by Dr. Denison:

Finally, whoever is bothering you enough to make it so you can’t even pray for them, the one who is always “yanking your chain”, that one is the one that you need to forgive and pray for because they are controlling your emotions. I don’t want to be controlled by anyone here on earth, so I am letting go and letting God work on them while I work on me. Blessings for a good day, filled with love and forgiveness for all!

13 thoughts on “Love Your Enemies

  1. Good post Vickie, I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum with President Trump but your points are all still valid. I jumped into a conversation a couple of weeks ago and got my wrists slapped pretty quickly due to some errors in judgement on my part. I wasn’t the only one who made mistakes but as you have indicated, my conduct is answerable to God and what others do or don’t do, especially with regards to politics, isn’t really the very heart of the issue. Hang in there, God is in control! Blessings.

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  2. Yes, we are all sinners, but thank the Lord he delivered us out of our slavery to sin and he empowers us to walk righteously and to forgive others, too. In our flesh we may not be able to forgive others, but in the power of the Spirit we can. And that is possible, too, not only because he has forgiven us so much, but because we have had so much that needed to be forgiven. If we remember that, it helps us to forgive others.

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