God’s Plans

Like many of you out there in the blogosphere, I am a planner. I keep multiple calendars, including a master calendar of mine and my husband’s activities and appointments and a calendar on my phone and my computer. The latter two are very useful since they give me notification reminders. However, no matter how much I plan, sometimes things don’t work out for me to accomplish what I had planned that day.

In my Bible study for the last week or so, I have been reading about Job. I read with horror as he was serving and praying to the Lord, and then he lost everything he owned. Today, in my devotional before the Bible reading (it’s in the YouVersion Bible App and it’s the devotional by Nicky Gumbel), I read that even from the beginning of Job’s troubles, God had a plan. I had never thought of that before. God knows what we will go through and He already has a plan. Kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it? It also helps me to relax more when things are going wrong, or at least in a direction that I think is wrong. God is taking care of His plan and I’m a part of it! Hallelujah!

These are two versions of the same verse. One is the NIV version and the second one is the GNT. I think I needed both of them to understand what God was saying to me. His plans cannot be stopped. He carries them out no matter what obstacles there are. Even in the life of Job that seemed that it would be a mercy for the Lord just to let him die, God had a plan, and a much better one at that! I am convinced that God has a plan for me, a better one than mine could ever be. So, friends, today, I go in to the hospital for a spinal epidural injection. Prayers are appreciated, but I am confident that God has a plan for my life and He is carrying it out. God is in control, and I can rest in Him, and so can you! Blessings for a great day and the realization that God has a plan for YOU!

7 thoughts on “God’s Plans

  1. Is that spinal epidural like the one mothers get when we are going to have a baby? If so, my heart goes out to you. The thought still makes me cringe. About Job, I had never considered that God did have a plan for him and for us. I hope it gives you comfort in knowing he’ll send guardian angels to be by your side. He’d never let you go through anything alone. When Jesus couldn’t carry the cross, God sent Simon to do it. You’ve got this!


  2. Love this share. God is totally in care of us and has prepared in advance for any gimmick or stunt the enemy want to pull against us. We are so “more than a conqueror” 💃

    How was the procedure?.
    Hope you feel a lot better?. Be well and good ma’am. The Lord is for you. 🤗

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    1. The procedure went well. Thank you for asking. I am feeling better and sleeping better, so that is good. I see the surgeon again on Feb. 27th so he can talk to me about what, if anything, is next. Thank you so much for caring! God bless you as you go through your day.


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