God’s Creation

Most days when I awaken, I am reminded that I am alive by the pains that shoot through various parts of my body. But that realization leads me to thankfulness, being grateful that I am alive to feel any pain and thankful beyond belief about how well God put me together. I read online that when I was born, I had about 300 bones in my body, but as I grew, some fused together. So as an adult, you and I have 206 bones. (theschoolrun.com). Attached to those bones are about 700 muscles that help our bodies to move. (painscience.com) Of course, the most important muscle is probably the heart, or at least that’s what keeps us alive. All of that being said, don’t you think it’s wonderful how well we are put together? By chance? By evolution? NOT AT ALL! We were planned and created by a loving God who knew just how to make us so that all of our parts fit together.

Photo from Pinterest.com
Photo from Pinterest.com
Wow! Isn’t God amazing?

I was made to think more about God’s creation when I received an email from Answers in Genesis. Mankind is not the only thing in creation that is wonderfully made. My favorite creation of God is a butterfly. Simple, beautiful and enticing to me. But I had never thought much about how God created the butterfly until I got the email that explained how the butterfly’s wings work.

Check out this article that Answers in Genesis sent me to read this week:


We cannot deny God’s design when we acknowledge how carefully He paid attention to each detail in each creature. The God who created the beautiful birds and butterflies also created the weird looking (to me) platypus and the entertaining kangaroo.

Photo from dailyverses.net

Thus, here I am again, in my favorite chair, looking out the window at God’s marvelous creation. And I wonder how awesome God is and how glorious it will be to stand in His presence in Heaven!

Blessings and prayers for each of you today as you awaken and are thankful for who you are and for what God made you. He created me and you and said that this creation was “very good.” What an awesome God we serve!

8 thoughts on “God’s Creation

  1. What a wonderful post! So fascinating about our bodies, about the butterfly… Sometimes it’s mine boggling just how detailed God was in making all of us. Who would’ve thought that there would be little sensors underneath the butterflies wings?! And I never knew that we had more bones when we were born then we do now! God bless. ❤️

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  2. Thanks for the wonderful post.You are completely involved in God’s activities. Your activities are also noticed by God every time.Its rally super natural power which is encouraging you to write good things about God. God bless you.

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