What Is In Your Heart?

I had a scare the other day when I went to my kidney doctor. My blood pressure which normally runs a little low was very high, 160/100 high. She asked me if I was upset or anxious about anything, but I couldn’t really think of anything that would make my BP zoom like that. She took blood to run a lab test and sent me to the local pharmacy to get a BP medicine, something I hadn’t taken since my stroke five years ago. The prescription was marked “critical” because she wanted me to take it right away and get my pressure down. So, I got my med, took it, went to an appointment at church with the pastor and then went home and rested. After resting, I was supposed to take the pressure again and if it was still high, I was supposed to take a fluid pill. I didn’t need the second pill because my pressure had gone back to normal.

That was quite a scare for me since I recall that when I had my stroke, my BP went up to over 200/140 and it seemed to be inching that way. But God knows how we are made, and before I took the BP pill, I prayed that it would work and that God would keep my heart beating properly. The heart is such an important organ, pumping the life-giving blood all over our bodies. Anyway, that got me to thinking about the important job that the heart does. But it isn’t just a physical job. The heart has a spiritual job to do, too.

What a powerful Scripture this is! Whatever is in our heart flows out of our mouths, be it blessing or curses. How did it get into our hearts? We put it there by what we listen to, see, and even talk about. How we spend our time is vital to the health of our hearts. We need to store up good things so that good things come out, things to bless others because that is our purpose, our real purpose.

Photo from booklovers1.wordpress.com

This photo really inspires me! I want my heart to spill over with beauty and goodness, with praise to the Lord who spilled His blood for me!

Photo from Pinterest.com

This is how we should see our heart…as overflowing with with blessings from the Lord. And those blessings should be used to bless others. We are meant to be a flowing river, not a stagnant pond. So, blessings to you so that you may bless others. And remember to guard your hearts!

Photo from Pinterest.com

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