Knowing God and Loving Others

What is it like to really know God? What must Moses have felt when he spent forty days and nights on a mountainside with the Almighty? I cannot imagine, but I really want to know more of God so that my countenance shines like Moses when he was in the presence of God. Probably not a literal transformation, but I want to shine the light for God from me to others so that others will know that I accept and love them as they are. God changes people. I’m just called to love. That was the topic of our pastor’s sermon yesterday, and he was spot on! He discussed the fact that an AG church in Texas had decided to accept the philosophy of the LGBTQ community. Our pastor’s point was that you can accept the people, but the Scriptures are clear about sin, so you don’t accept the sin. You just love the people.

I think that the same love applies to those who disagree with us politically. Our nation has become so polarized that families cannot have civil discussions without getting personal and attacking. I have been guilty of this myself; I want to point out how bad socialism is and when I find a family member not listening, I go on the attack. I ask God’s forgiveness for my shortsightedness. Does it matter to God who wins elections? Of course, it does! But He is more concerned with our hearts and to win the heart of the nation for God than He is who sits in the White House, Congress or even the Supreme Court. The real Supreme Court will be His judgment on mankind, and I want to have a heart that pleases the Lord. To do that, I have to love as Jesus loved…everyone! Jesus accepted those who were outcasts of society and healed them. He is in the business of loving the outcasts today, but His love is meant to be through us.

One of the articles I read this morning from Dr. Denison was about being civil, basically agreeing to disagree but still being kind to each other. That’s a novel idea in today’s world, I can tell you! Trump supporters are being attacked physically all over the place, but that is no reason for them to turn around and do the same. We are to treat others the way we want to be treated, not necessarily the way they treat us.

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I think that on the path to knowing God, we learn to love others the way we should and to disagree in a loving manner.
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Here is the link to the article that I read:

Here is a link to a song that is on the same topic:

Bleed the Same by Mandisa and Toby Mac

Have a blessed day, everyone! I hope that you will remember to love today and everyday, especially those with whom you disagree.

6 thoughts on “Knowing God and Loving Others

  1. Thank you for this post Vickie, finally someone who realizes that the Lord isn’t pleased with the way His people are responding to this very volatile political environment. Unbelievers behave as unbelievers, but Christians aught to remember Who we represent and our best defense is to act as He does

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