Making a Difference

Okay, I admit it. The condition of our world today (filled with blatant sin) has had me upset this week. The thought that the United States of America might have a Socialist in the White House has me frantic with concern. But, what is one person to do? Pray! Pray hard! And when that doesn’t work, pray harder! God is not just sitting up in Heaven looking down at what is happening here and saying, “Gee, that’s too bad. Nothing I can do about it though.” No! God is waiting to answer our prayers and to help us get through whatever happens. Yes, there is blatant sin and America is ripe for God’s judgment, but what can we Christians do to make a difference these days?

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But I want to be more active than prayer. I’m not saying that prayer is not important. It is absolutely vital! But what do I do after I have prayed? Dr. Denison had the answer for me in his article today.

You will need to scroll down in this article until you get to the part about the MeToo movement. We, as Christians, can make our voices heard. I have contacted senators and representatives before, but I have not thought about contacting the FCC. Now I know and I feel energized to start my own campaign to make a difference. I contacted Hallmark when they had lesbians on a commercial for a family show. I contacted Target when they decided to let men and women share restrooms and dressing rooms. Since that time, I have stopped shopping at Target. I refuse to give my money to any store that supports the Transgender movement, a movement that is absolutely unbiblical and unsafe for our children and grandchildren.

What can you do? I don’t know, but you do. And if you don’t know, then pray and ask God to show you. Our little actions may be a drop in a large bucket in today’s world, but at least it’s a drop and eventually drops fill buckets and overflow so someone has to pay attention to them.

Blessings for a day filled with prayer and a desire to make a difference!

3 thoughts on “Making a Difference

  1. Vickie, I admire your caring heart and your desire to make a difference in this world. That is admirable. Thank you for caring. Thank you for being vulnerable in sharing your heart with us. We each need to pray and ask the Lord to show us how we can make a difference, to ask the Lord to direct our paths. And then we need to follow his lead all the while we are trusting him with the outcome. Resting in him is critical.

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