Jesus and Fear

These are the days that strike fear into anyone who listens to a news report. The report is that the Coronavirus is spreading and you may be affected. A well-known physician on FoxNews is telling people over sixty to gather supplies and hunker down now. The nation is Italy has basically closed its borders, quarantining the nation against others coming in and Italians leaving. In effect, the whole country is on lockdown. Six of our members of Congress are on self-quarantine. Are you afraid yet? I would be, except my trust in in the Lord. I spoke to my sister the other night and her words to me were that if we get this virus, because of our underlying conditions and health, we would just “be toast.” Those are her words, not mine. I have tried to share with her that I don’t fear death because I am a Christian, but she doesn’t want to hear it, so now we are at an impasse. I’m continuing to live my life, planning a trip to see the grandchildren in Maryland, going to the gym, the store, etc. I will stay at home if the government requires it, but it won’t be from fear because I know that the Bible says to only fear God. I haven’t read anything in the Bible about fearing anything or anyone else.

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So, I’m trusting, or at least, I’m trying to. Of course, there are minutes in every day when I think, “What if…?” We don’t get the answers to this question. We are just told to trust. I’ve been told by the Lord to rest in Him, so instead of staying awake at night worrying, I am resting in Him, knowing that He is with me when I lie down and will be with me when I awaken. If I awaken in Heaven, then to God be the glory! Yes, I have health problems already, asthma, weak lungs, things that are bad to have if this virus decides to attack. To me, this is like the ten spies who came back with the report that there were giants in the Promised Land, advising Moses that the Lord’s army of Israelites should not go forward. But then there were the two who encouraged Moses that the Lord would fight for and with them and they could take the land! There’s a big difference in the two reports. The giant in our land is the Coronavirus, but God can take care of it and us, if we believe.

I also read an article by Dr. Denison this morning about the Coronavirus and how we should respond to it. Here is the link for you.

This is my prayer for each of you, my dear readers. Blessings from the Father above who loves you with an everlasting love and wants only the best for you.

8 thoughts on “Jesus and Fear

  1. I am in agreement with you, Vickie. We have nothing to fear, because it is well with our souls!! That is my most comforting thought of all time for all occasions. No matter what comes our way, God is sovereign and trustworthy. I do think we need to do our part and exercise common sense, just as we would if there were an outbreak of the flu or any other contagion or dangerous situation. But we do not need to walk around in fear, clearing out the store shelves in a blind panic. Blessings to you! Dee

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