Trying Times and Good News

Yes, my dear readers, these are trying times. The lines in the grocery stores are still long and the supplies are still scarce. There is a general feeling of unease in the nation, of a people who have had their normal patterns of life disturbed. Nevertheless, there is good news if we just keep hold of our Lord and Maker.

These verses seem to have been written for such a time as this. We are all caught up in a stormy sea. But God is still good and is still working on our behalf. Instead of looking at the stormy sea, we need to keep our eyes on Him. For my part, I am praying and praising and praying some more. I am also looking for good news where I can find it.

For those of you with children at home, the Smithsonian has a webpage for distance learning. It can be found at:


Also, for those of you with younger children, ABC Mouse is free now, during this crisis. Just use the code 7771. ABC mouse can be found at:

ABC Mouse Homepage

This resource is good for children ages 2-8.

Finally, if you are tired of all of the negative news, I suggest you try some good news at this site:

Good news

I hope that after reading my blog today, you are feeling more positive and more able to praise and pray and praise and pray. That’s what this is all about. I’m sure you are all familiar with the annoying blaring that comes on the television and radio occasionally. At the beginning and end of the most annoying noise ever is the voice that says, “This is a test. This is only a test of the emergency broadcasting system.” Well, folks, what is happening now is a test and how we respond to it will make all the difference. We, yes each of us, can make a difference by praying, asking God what He wants us to do today to help someone, and go out and show someone Jesus in action. Pray for the storm to cease, but while it lingers, don’t forget to keep your oars in the water and keep rowing!

Blessings, my friends, and prayers for a day of peace in your household and a day of resting in the Lord’s goodness, mercy and grace.

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