The Good News and Prayer for Today

Day number whatever (I’ve lost count) of self-quarantine. I am so thankful that I am not totally alone. My husband is with me and talks incessantly about numerous topics. Sometimes, I respond and sometimes I continue to read or write. He is a big talker and has a lot of words to use every day! Anyway, here is today’s prayer. I hope you will join me in saying it and add your own prayer to it.

Here is today’s daily uplifting news story:

From the Good News Network

Here is today’s article from Dr. Denison:

Dr. Jim Denison

And, finally, here is the song that inspired me this morning:

It Is Well With My Soul

I pray God’s blessing on each of you, that you will feel His presence today, comforting and leading you in the way that you should go.

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