Encouragement from the Lord

Like most of you, I am getting tired of staying at home. At this point, I would be excited about a trip to the pharmacy, or actually anyplace that I could wander the aisles and put things into a cart for myself. But, alas! That is not to be for weeks, perhaps months. Nevertheless, God continues to encourage me with His love for me, so I wanted to pass what He shared with me to you in hopes that you, too, will find encouragement.

My Lighthouse by Rend Collective


The storm may surround us, but the lighthouse is there to lead us safely home. We will be fine if we just hold onto the Lord. Yes, we will be fine, and He will be glorified! Blessings to each of you for an enjoyable and day of gratitude for what you have and how God is taking care of you through this season.

7 thoughts on “Encouragement from the Lord

  1. Vickie, life definitely has its challenges, and right now many of us are facing such challenges, though it is not the same for all of us, for it varies from state to state and country to country.

    I got tickled about what you said about a trip to the pharmacy, though. We have the freedom to do that here in SC, but I don’t often frequent pharmacies, because I don’t take drugs. But, we went there a couple of days ago to get something health related. There were not any other customers in the store, that I saw, so my husband and I pretty much had the place to ourselves. And, truly I was enjoying the freedom of just wandering up and down the isles and looking at stuff that I probably wouldn’t buy, but it was very freeing. I hadn’t been out much at all, so it felt good!

    Hoping things turn around for you soon and that you can get out more. It is no fun being cooped up in a house all the time. But, God has a plan and a purpose for it all. Love you! Hugs!!

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  2. “The storm may surround us, but the lighthouse is there to lead us safely home. We will be fine if we just hold onto the Lord. Yes, we will be fine, and He will be glorified!” AMEN AND AMEN! Yes we need to hold on and be encouraged by Him and also encourage ourselves in Him as we saw David did. I will continue to keep you in prayers sis. We can still go outside still, only to get the essentials and what have you. But many here on the islands are being disobedient and are dying very senselessly and sadly. I still go out to work for the company has fallen under essential so praises to GOD for that blessing but my heart is very grieved within me about the many life’s that are dying through this and other circumstances without Jesus…. 😣😢…blessings and strength…thanks for sharing those scriptures! Continue to be encouraged and hold on! Soon we are going to see the KING! ✨

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