Today, I am practicing being grateful. Am I happy about what is happening in the world? A global pandemic with millions unemployed and now news of food shortages are the headlines. But I choose to praise because my God is in charge. He’s bigger than the pandemic and He will supply all of my needs.

As a retired teacher, I just want to add my voice of appreciation to all of the teachers out there who are working so hard to continue to teach using technology. You are doing a great job, my dear colleagues and friends, and I appreciate you!
Since the school nurse diagnosed my stroke and sent me off to the ER, I credit her with saving my life and all of my abilities. Thanks are not enough for what Kim did, but that is all I have to offer…my deepest and heartfelt gratitude for her training and her knowledge of what was happening to me.

I have expressed my gratitude today, first to God without whom I am nothing. Then, I thanked the teachers who are working hard daily to educate students who cannot go to school because of the virus but who need to finish up their studies for the year. And finally, I expressed my debt of gratitude to nurses. Do you have a teacher in your life to thank? Then, don’t wait. Thank them! Do you have a nurse in your life who has done something to make you feel hope for the future? Then, thank them! And of course, you need to thank our Heavenly Father for all that He has done and is doing. Even now, He is moving on our behalf. I know that He keeps me calm each day as I face another day in my chair, looking out my window. He sends the birds to entertain me and the flowers to amaze me. He is the Lord and there is none other! Bless His Name and be thankful for each breath that you take!

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Bless the Lord by Matt Redman

Have a blessed and thankful day, my friends!

11 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. A teacher lives across the street from us. She is retiring this year (and it’s been QUITE a year!). Her principal put a big appreciation sign in her yard today. On Monday, her principal and her students are having a drive-by salute to her, wishing her well. She notified us today, so we would have a heads-up on the parade.
    Another teacher lives down the block. She’s young and has been teaching only a few years.
    And I am a retired teacher, so that makes three, just on our little street. 😊

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    1. I’m really happy that the principal is honoring your friend in such a magnificent way during these hard times. Teachers have gotten little appreciation through the years, as I’m sure you know, so any recognition is nice. I wish you and your neighbors all the best, especially to stay safe and well!

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  2. Vickie, we have much to be thankful for. Being retired from teaching, I appreciate your discussion. I have been staying in touch with two of my daughters who teach, and I am amazed by their innovation and creativity to bring the best to their students. Your words of gratitude are are a blessing to read. God’s peace!

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  3. Vickie, thank you for this encouraging post. Yes, we need to thank the Lord in ALL things, and we need to be grateful and not complain. And, yes, we are to not live in fear of humans or our circumstances or of anything, for God is our God, and he is watching over us, and he has all of this under his control. Amen!

    Regarding thanking a teacher or a nurse, what immediately came to my mind is Jesus, for he is my teacher, and he is my medical professional doctor/nurse, too. He is the one who sees that my needs are met. He is the one who teaches me what I need to learn. And, he is the one who is my healer, too.

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