Confidence in God

I heard a news story this morning that made me gasp in dismay. Dr. Oz was interviewed on Fox News and said that the most vulnerable population may have to shelter in place until the virus is completely gone. I started to get upset about not seeing my children and grandchildren for a year or more. Then, I read my Bible and God spoke peace to my heart. After all, He is in control.

No matter what is happening around us, we can have complete and total confidence in God. He is the light in our darkness, the song in our hearts and the whisper in our ear in the quiet of night. Let God speak peace to you today and be blessed by His presence! Our God by Chris Tomlin

8 thoughts on “Confidence in God

  1. I don’t want to believe such dire predictions as Dr. Oz’. I’m prayerful that stop-gap treatments will soon become protocol, and we can relax (at least somewhat) these strict isolation policies–even before the vaccine is available. I’m with you, Vickie–the thought of not seeing loved ones face to face for over a year is heartbreaking! I like Psalm 60:11-12 that you included here in your post. Praise God, with him we CAN do valiantly, even during a lengthy pandemic!

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