You Were Seen Movement

The Seen Movement is about really seeing people, and helping those same people know they are seen by God every day. It’s about caring and kindness and making a difference. The Seen Movement is about being generous … every time you leave the house.
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We need kindness in today’s world. Only love can push back the darkness and this site, with these cards can make a difference. You can even make your own cards. You can’t do everything, but you can do one thing. Help the workers that touch your lives know that you truly see them, and more importantly, God sees them and loves them…really loves them.

This sounds like a commercial and it is not meant to be. It’s a cry from my heart for you to join me in doing something to help a hurting world. I feel broken right now, devastated by what is happening in America and I only know one way that healing can come and that is through Jesus Christ and His love. How will they know that they are loved if we don’t show them?

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