Words Matter

I was always told as a child to be careful what I said because it might come back to bite me. Then, when I was an adult and became a Christian, I was told to be careful what I say because the tongue is the most unruly member of the body and hard to tame. Today, once again, I read about words, in both of my devotionals. In one, the author condensed the Bible to 50 words, as follows:

God made, Adam bit, Noah arked, Abraham split. Joseph ruled, Jacob fooled. Bush talked, Moses balked. Pharaoh plagued, people walked, sea divided, tablets guided. Promise landed, Saul freaked, David peeked, prophets warned, Jesus born. God walked, love talked, anger crucified, hope died. Love rose, spirit flamed, Word spread, God remained.”

Excerpt From: Guideposts. “Daily Guideposts 2020.” HarperCollinsChristianPublishing, 2019-08-26. Apple Books

Then, I read my other devotional from and my Bible and these are the verses that spoke to my heart:

I noted that the purpose of my tongue is to help out those who are weary. God wakes me up so that I can listen to Him and then tell others what I have learned so that they may also be encouraged to serve Him.

It is through the wisdom that God gives us that we know how to speak to others. Some may need a strong rebuke, others a gentle word of love. Whatever they need will be on the tips of our tongues if we remember to start the day learning from God. We have to also remember to speak wisely, with God’s grace and not our own judgment.

Finally, I leave you with this prayer. It is my prayer for our world today and I hope that you will join me in it. Nothing happens that God is not aware of and has ultimate authority over, so let’s join together in blessing His Name. Hard times? Yes. First a pestilence and then riots. But God is still in His throne and we need to acknowledge that, hear His voice and go out to bless others.

Through All of It by Colton Dixon

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