Anger and Forgiveness

I have a confession to make. I have been angry because of all of the rioting and looting and destruction of the historical monuments. I have railed to my husband about how stupid it all is, that the BLM movement is doing irreparable harm to itself by the path of destruction that it is creating. Then, today, I got hold of my anger. Actually, God got hold of me with two Scripture verses.

At first, when my devotional and the Lord directed me to these verses, I said to myself, “Yes, that’s what’s missing. These people marching around haven’t yet forgiven…for the death of Floyd, for the injustices they feel that they have suffered, for slavery. They are lost and just need to forgive.” Then, the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that I need to forgive them for their destruction of what I have considered sacred. You see, I took for granted that there would be peace in the USA and that people could be reasoned with. When that didn’t happen (for three weeks now), I let anger come in. I wasn’t angry at the injustice that they were feeling. I was angry because they have been working at destroying a country I love, a country my husband and I served in the military, a country my husband was willing to die for. Then, God spoke and told me that I have to forgive them. They may destroy every statue and monument. Forgive. They may riot and loot and harm innocent people for months. Forgive. They may even get away with all of their destruction and never be brought to justice. Forgive. They are pawns in the hands of a power that wants nothing more than to destroy the United States and all it stands for. But one of the things that will stand forever is God’s Word. And so, I forgive. I don’t understand, but I forgive. I don’t like what they are doing or condone it in any way, but I forgive.

I hope that each of you has reached a place in your life where you can forgive just as easily as you breathe. God is working on me in this area of my life. I thought I had this one quality down pat…someone sins against you, forgive. Then, the riots started and the destruction began and the anger arose. And God had to speak to me to remind me that these are His children and I need to forgive them. He is the Great Judge and I don’t have to worry about anyone getting away with anything. My responsibility is to forgive and to pray for the rioters, the looters and all of the people out there creating chaos. And, my friends, that is your responsibility, too.

Forgive, pray, forgive, pray, forgive, pray. As many times as it takes. I want my heart right before God. Blessings, my friends, for a day of prayer and love for one another and for those you are having difficulty loving.

14 thoughts on “Anger and Forgiveness

  1. It is not just forgiveness it is because it continues to happen for many years, unless you have walk in there shoes you cannot understand. African American are treated differently than whites. So no justice no peace. I am proud to say we are a mix family and it is beautiful


    1. I cannot completely understand. You are correct. But God does. And I believe that His saying would be, “My Justice, My Peace.” God is so much better at bringing about justice and peace than any one man or group of them.

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  2. First of all..thank you for your service! I struggle with forgiving, too. Because I was born with lighter skin than my brother’s, I don’t know what it’s like to be stopped by police for no apparent reason. My tanned skin brother is a practicing attorney, but he can’t drive up north without police pulling him over with some made up excuse, “Your tail light looks crooked.” If I were in his situation, I’m not sure how I’d react. It does let me know racism if live and well in the US. That rage and frustration bubbles over! We have a confederate flag on the floor of our airport. City leaders are trying to decide what to do with it. After much thought, I think, we can paint it black for a while. If these monuments, are making people that upset, there’s no reason we can’t remove them for a time period. Who knows how long that will be. But it’s time to let our people heal.


  3. This is not because your brother is tan and you are more fair, my son is African American, my husband is from Trindad, our society doesn’t treat all the same, even through we are equally in God’s eyes. It is so much more if you are black or brown a policeman pulls you over and at times these men are left dead, no not all police is bad however their are too many who are. My son will graduate from college with computer engineer degree and with high honors, I should never have to fear when he leaves our home and is traveling that for whatever reason I cop pulls him over and in the end I he will be murdered. We need to removed these things for good no and not just for a time period. Our police department needs to change all of the communities need to come to the table and talk so over time we can move forward. Unfortunately in our country today it is peopl who are prejudices if you are not white. I am happily married 28yrs now and the looks I get because I am white and the way that my family has been treated is truly is a shame. There is a Christian song called we all Bleed the Same, and we all do, so now is the time for all to treat each other the way you want to be treated. Our country is not a white one it was truly red the American Indians who where here before the white men who took it from them

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    1. You make some good points, but I don’t agree that there are many bad policemen. There are some, but I think they are in the minority. Our world has a long way to go in race relations, not just the U.S.

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  4. “I hope that each of you has reached a place in your life where you can forgive just as easily as you breathe.”
    Oh man, did this line convict me! I feel like I can get to forgiveness, but am I at the point where forgiveness comes as easily as breathing?! Yeah, no. I got some work to do!

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