This Is Not Our Home

Think about it. I mean, really think about it. This broken world that we live in is not our true home. We are only here for a little while and then we go to our true home, in Heaven, with our Father and all of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. In the meantime, here we are in this valley with so much sin and destruction and ungodly thinking all around us. I think sometimes that this is the worst that any generation has ever had it. Then I remember my history and the Crusades and the destruction and turmoil then. I recall the Inquisition and the deaths that were part of the desire to rout out all dissension from whatever the current belief was. No, we don’t have it so bad, do we? Yes, there is little acceptance of Christians and our beliefs these days. There is mocking from our friends, family and the media. But I remind myself and you that this is NOT our home. And since we were put on earth for a reason, we need to find that purpose and work at fulfilling it. Jesus knew His purpose, His destiny if you will, from His first moment on earth. We, however, need to seek our purpose. We need to find out why God put us here and then do our best to follow His plan for us. I’m not here at this time and in this place solely because of my choices. I am here because God wants me to be here. I could have died from a stroke five years ago. I lived. So, why? Because God was not finished with me here on earth yet. This world is a broken one, and we don’t belong here, but we have to do our work here before we can go home for the Great Dinner that God has prepared for us. I recall that when I was working, I worked hard at my school all day, from the moment I arrived until I locked my door and headed out to my car. I sighed with relief most days when my work was done and I could go home and sit and relax at dinner with my family. That’s how I see my life on earth now. I’m working for God and I haven’t finished my work; God is preparing a place at His dinner table for me, but He isn’t ready for me to come home yet. In the meantime, I know that there are two worlds and I long for my Heavenly home. At the same time, I also long to see my grandchildren grow up and establish their own relationship with the Lord. So, two worlds. While I wait, I will continue to be as good a witness as possible here on earth. I will state my beliefs clearly even when they are not acceptable or popular. I will not compromise my standards because I am basing them on Biblical principles as I understand them. Yes, I am a citizen of two worlds, and I am expected to be a good citizen of both.

I read an article by Dr. Denison this morning that inspired this post and made me think about life and all of its current corruption.

Dr. Denison “A Tale of Two Cities”

“Not of This World” by Petra

14 thoughts on “This Is Not Our Home

  1. I too look forward to watching my grandchildren grow up, but know that if I should go to heaven tomorrow, it won’t matter if I hear those band concerts or see those granddaughters in their wedding dresses. Heaven will supersede all earthly experience! Also greatly appreciate your conclusion. We ARE citizens of two worlds, and are expected to be good citizens of both. Thank you for the thought-provoking post, Vick Lea!

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  3. True, this world is not our home. We are just passing through. But God has a purpose for us to be here, and so we need to be about doing what he has called us to do until he comes to get us, like you said. And, yes we do live on the earth, and to a certain degree we need to comply with whatever laws are passed, but we are never to compromise truth or the gospel or our faith in Jesus Christ. And, I believe we are headed to that point to where we are going to have to take that stand on one side or the other, and that is when things are going to get really difficult.

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