We Need to Listen

When I was a child, I often disregarded what my parents were saying and chose to do what I liked instead of what they were warning me to do. I remember my mother grabbing my chin and forcing me to look her in the eyes and telling me, “You need to listen!”

Well, today, we as a nation need to listen to God. There are dark forces surrounding our nation and waiting with anticipation for it to fall into the hands of the enemy. Our once great nation that called upon the name of the Lord upon our founding is floundering because we have been stubborn and have not listened. My devotional this morning was about listening.

This Scripture is my prayer today for our nation. That we would listen and that God would subdue our enemies. There is no need for the senseless burning, destruction and killings. That is the enemy at work and when we listen to God and follow His ways, then GOD subdues our enemies.

This is our condition today. As Americans, we have “stiffened our necks” against God and refused to listen, thinking that we know better. We have glorified LGBTQ and BLM movements and not the Lord, our God. We are determined to set our own path, without the Lord. And He will let us because He created our free will. But when we end up totally destroyed and unrecognizable as the once great and powerful nation we once were, I hope that we Christians will remember that we are wherever we end up because we did not listen.

The warning is there. It is never too late to repent and turn to God and listen, fully and completely listen. Just listen for His voice and follow His ways. It doesn’t sound hard, but it must be because we have passed many years, perhaps an entire generation, without acknowledging God for our success as a nation. It’s time to give Him the glory and to just be still and listen. He will direct our paths!

8 thoughts on “We Need to Listen

  1. “But when we end up totally destroyed and unrecognizable as the once great and powerful nation we once were, I hope that we Christians will remember that we are wherever we end up because we did not listen.”

    Are you blaming Christians for what is happening?

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    1. David, if I may give my thoughts, the Scripture says “If MY people, who are called by MY name … ” That would be us. Those who are blind to the Truth and don’t know the living God can’t be expected to recognize the evil or know to turn to Him. If 20 godly men could have saved Soddom from destruction, how many godly people would it take praying to save America? (That’s just a question, I don’t know the answer.)


      1. I totally disagree with you. What is happening in this country is not the fault of weak Christians. I would imagine that millions of strong Christians are praying for America. Don’t forget, there is an end-time plan which must be fulfilled, and this involves wholesale falling away from God.

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      2. Another thought regarding the Psalm 81 reference. Context is important here. When God says “My people,” He is specifically speaking of ancient Israel, which means the entire nation. This would entail the following of the Mosaic Law and Ten Commandments … not that these could not save, but their observance would be the evidence of the obedience of the inner heart.

        This verse cannot apply to modern-day America, because of the “my people” reference. It’s my contention that God’s people (evangelicals) already do, in general, the things they are supposed to do.

        This is what makes this verse … as well as 2 Chronicles 7:14 … so difficult to apply to anyone other than ancient Israel (and possibly modern-day).

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    2. I am also sharing Scripture verses and my thoughts. Just as it was not the fault of the prophets when God allowed Israel to be taken into captivity, it is not the fault of the Christians that our nation is falling. But we all do need to listen and do what He is telling us to do. That goes for from the leadership to the man on the street or me, in my home. Obedience is better than sacrifice and God needs us to listen before we can obey. I don’t have the answers for what He is saying to the U.S. with all of this destruction, but I am absolutely certain that God is speaking to us and trying to get our attention. All of our attention…the godly and the ungodly.

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      1. Okay, fine, but when you write these things, you need to be specific. What is He telling us? Obviously, the answer lies in His Word? And who’s to say which Christians are, and which Christians are not, listing to Him?

        This is what happens when writing is nebulous and not specific, emotional and not focused in.

        Rereading, it still looks like you are blaming Christians.

        The truth is, this is where we are heading according to prophecy. What makes these days difficult is that we are actually seeing it come to fruition, and many believers are not handling it well.

        Now is the time to step up for the faith and share with others, not claim that this could have been avoided had Christians been doing their jobs.

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      2. I don’t think that anything that is happening could have been avoided if Christians had prayed more, witnessed more or whatever. God is going to judge the earth and the U.S. is a nation that deserves judgment. I just wanted to express the fact that if we are really listening to God, we may be more prepared for what is going to happen and tell others to prepare. I hope that is what we are already doing.

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