Breaks My Heart

What breaks your heart? Is it the death of a loved one? Of course! How about the death of a stranger that the news reports in a thirty second segment? Maybe. How about the death of a stranger that is never reported on the news but is part of a list of statistics, not to be named, but dead nevertheless. Probably not. The answers to the questions that I provided are the answers that I found in my own heart. But, I want to have the heart of God. I want all of those who have died to have a relationship with the Lord so that they will spend eternity with Him. So, each loss of a person on earth who may or may not have died without the Lord is heartbreaking.

You know what just broke my heart this morning? First, I read the headlines in the local paper that two local schools are changing their names form Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson MIddle School. Why? Because the Cancel Culture wants to get rid of history. Then even worse. A lot worse! I read that churches are being set on fire throughout the United States. One church was over 200 years old. What is the meaning of this? This, folks, is the picture of a divided society and one that is breaking down. Instead of being united around one goal, to survive this pandemic and celebrate our freedom as Americans, we have become a divided nation. People march and chant, “Black Lives Matter.” Of course, they do, but don’t all lives matter to God? Isn’t all injustice the same in the eyes of our Creator? But if I dare to mention that on social media, that all lives matter or even that Blue Lives Matter, I am attacked in two minutes flat. Maybe even less. A young lady whose father was a policeman was killed and she posted online that Blue Lives Matter. That was her father, people! Her father! And she was attacked viciously with some of the foulest language possible. Now, I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. I’m just saying that we live in a great nation in which we are all free today. Can’t we celebrate that instead of deliberately trying to create division? My heart breaks over the one year old who was shot and killed. And the community won’t even talk about who shot him. They are hiding the killer. The grandmother even said that BLM doesn’t care about his little life. Well, enough about my rant. Here is the article from Dr. Denison about fires in the churches.

Dr. Denison July 15, 2020

You may read this article and think to yourself that these are only buildings or only statues so it’s not a big thing. After all, the real church is its people. That is true. But don’t you think that God’s heart is hurt by this destruction? Just as His heart was broken when Babylon and other invaders destroyed and carried off the treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem, the place that He said He would dwell with His people. God allowed the destruction because of the sin of His people, but I can still imagine His heart breaking over it, and the senseless killing of His people Israel by the marauders.

Here is the song mentioned at the end of Denison’s article.

Hosanna by Hillsong

Here are the lyrics of the song:

Lyrics for Hosanna

I hope that each of you has a blessed day and that in your prayer time today, you take the time to pray for the things breaking God’s heart today: for the loss of life, for the divided nation and for the lawlessness that is never a part of God’s plan. Be blessed, my friends, because God sent His Son to make us free indeed!

4 thoughts on “Breaks My Heart

  1. Vickie, something struck me as I read your article and then as you quoted from Dr. Denison who talked about what is breaking God’s heart today. I would suggest that it is not the burning down of buildings, for like he said, the buildings are not the church. God does not dwell in buildings built by human hands. He dwells in the hearts of those who truly make him Lord of their lives.

    No, what breaks God’s heart is the destruction to his church, his people, spiritually, because his people unequally yoked together with the government and with the world and they turned the house of the Lord, his people, into a marketplace to be marketed to the world just like any other business, all of which he forbids. And, so they altered their services to attract the world and they altered the gospel to appeal to the flesh of man and they told them they could “believe” in Jesus but that they didn’t have to repent or obey the Lord or make him Lord of their lives. And, so the church became lawless and sinful practices abound and many are going straight to hell on the promise of heaven, and this is what breaks God’s heart. Families & marriages are being destroyed and the church has lost its saltiness and has buried its light. This is tragic!

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