Review of INGOGNITO EX by Geri Krotow

This is a nicely written romantic suspense with some intense love scenes included. Coral Staufer and Trevor Stone were previously married, to each other, and when Coral is threatened by the Russian mob, Trevor shows up as her protector. He is part of an elite group of covert law enforcement, kind of like the CIA, but not. The head of the mobsters is a woman, Anna Markova, and she has hidden lockboxes on Coral’s property and will stop at nothing to retrieve them, including murder. Her reach is long and that seemed to be very realistic, although I don’t know much about mobs. Anyway, this is the first book that I have read by this author and she definitely kept my attention, especially during the tense escape scenes. Her characters are realistic in that they have weaknesses and flaws that are totally believable. The scenario itself was a little far-fetched for me, but I bought into the plot line and actually really enjoyed it. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy this new romantic suspense from Harlequin.
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I would rate this a PG-13 since there are some racy love scenes.
Author bio:
Geri Krotow is a Naval Academy graduate and Navy veteran. She has traveled to and lived in many places abroad, including South America, Italy and Russia. Her family has finally settled down in Central Pennsylvannia but Geri still writes about all the places she’s been. An award-winning author, Geri writes the Silver Valley PD for Harlequin Romantic Suspense
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Author letter, INCOGNITO EX by Geri Krotow

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to Silver Valley!

Incognito Ex, Silver Valley P.D. number eight, is my favorite SVPD book to date. Coral and Trevor once had it all, including a marriage that both allowed to fail for myriad reasons. When they come face-to-face again, during a night of Russian organized crime madness, it’s not a forgone conclusion that they’d made a mistake by divorcing. But as the stakes rise and both of their lives are at risk, all of the resentments and sorrow of the past melt away to reveal the truth: Trevor is the only one for Coral, and she for him. But there are some big issues to solve first, like how to stay alive while being stalked by a former FSB/KGB agent!

While the situations and characters in my stories are fictional, emotions are universal. We’ve all wondered about our choices, past and present. Perhaps, like Coral and Trevor, we’ve felt the pangs of regret over ending a relationship too soon. I hope you enjoy the suspenseful ride with Coral and Trevor, but more than anything, I hope their love brings you healing in your life, too.

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