Thought for the Day

Are you wholly God’s or are you holding something back? I know that I have been selfishly giving God only what I think that He needs to handle and then I tell Him that I can handle the rest on my own. But can I really? The answer, of course, is “no.” I cannot handle anything without God’s help and He wants me to lay myself down on the altar, to give myself to Him and to let Him use all of me as He will. I have to be honest and tell you all that I’m working on this, but God has my attention. He is speaking to me daily about sacrifice and worship. These days, worship, thanking God, has become a sacrifice to me because I’m just not feeling very thankful. This morning, God almost hit me upside the head with a two by four to remind me that I have a testimony of how good He has always been to me, so I need to concentrate on being thankful. After all, I survived a massive stroke and returned to work in three months. That was God!

No, the world is not all that I want it to be. There are all kinds of signs and wonders, however, of God taking care of His people if we just open our eyes. I have held back worship from the Lord. It was kind of like I was angry at Him for my having to quarantine and disrupt the normal flow of my life. No more! I am giving God all that I am, including the anger inside me and the worship that flows from my heart. The freedom that I am feeling is real. I want to be wholly His, called to holy for Him. I am a Child of the King and I am wholly His! God wants me to be holy and He is teaching me how to be like Him, one day at a time. What is God teaching you?

Lord, I Lift Your Name On High

I hope that you will join me today in laying yourself open before God and praising His Holy Name. He is worthy!

Be blessed, my friends, so that you can be a blessing!

10 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. We should ABSOLUTELY praise God even in a quarantine – maybe even praise Him FOR the quarantine. I would be interested in how many people have drawn much closer to God in the solitude, and how many have drifted away. … That might be an indication of whether our “faith” was in God or in our church … hmmm… Maybe a wake-up call to change our fopcus. As wonderful as corporate worship is, sometimes God wants us all to Himself. ❤

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      1. I have thought that this would be a good time to “visit” churches on line. If you are shy, you can focus on the preaching without being distracted by any concerns about interacting with a lot of strangers. But once you find a church that is faithfully preaching the Truth, you’ll have to go there to see if the people are truly living out the Word and welcome you the way they should.

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  2. Words can’t describe how much I love your post! Amen and amen!!

    It’s true, when we face circumstances and situations that we’d rather not be facing, sometimes we do allow that little bit of anger of frustration, even with/at God to creep in. It’s in our lack of understanding that we feel this to start with!

    One of the things I adore most about our Lord is His gentle patience with us! He so lovingly pulls us into His heart, says “My Child, let me show you what’s really happening,” and reminds us of His overwhelming faithfulness in past seasons. How could we not worship when we know we are so deeply loved, despite it all?

    I trust that each day God reveals His love and care for you, more deeply, more passionately, and more intimately than the day before. ♥️

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