Never Fear!

I remember watching a cartoon when I was a child called “Mighty Mouse.” Just about every day, they sang the song that had as its basic theme to never fear because Mighty Mouse was on his way. Well, in these days of American cities being destroyed, abortion becoming more acceptable, LGBTQ+ agenda being pushed on us and the general mayhem that Covid-19 has brought, we need a hero. Who will it be? 🤔

God is not just sitting around watching all of this happen. He is speaking to our hearts: Help is on the way. Just wait and watch and believe. Jesus, the Lion of Judah, is our hero who will free us from this declining world. I hope that we are all prepared for His coming. I’m not saying He will come back today, or tomorrow, or even next week or next month. He will come when the Father says, “Go!” And we have to already be prepared. The Lion of Judah has been prepared since the beginning of the earth as we know it. Now, we wait for our hero and listen to the words of our loving Father that tell us to have hope and to never fear.

Blessings, my friends, for a day filled with hope and expectation!

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