Thursday’s Quotation

Have you ever been at the beach and awakened early, before anyone else was up? Have you gone walking on an empty beach and watched as your feet sank into the sand? Then, have you turned around to walk back the way you came and have you seen your footprints on the sand? Have you thought about the fact that others will come after you and form more footprints, either on top of or next to yours?

Now, take that visual and apply it to the fact that if you are walking ahead of someone, there is someone behind you who may need your help. When we help, sometimes we feel like that other person is holding us back. But this quotation tells us a truth. Helping others challenges us to grow, to become more like Christ, to become more mature in our faith. Yes, it takes time to help others, but it will always be worth it.

Please look for someone today who needs your help. It may be a child or grandchild who needs a kind word of encouragement. It may be an elderly neighbor who just needs something picked up at the store and delivered. It may even be your spouse who just needs your time. My friends, I will be taking my own advice today. I hope that you have a blessed day so that you can reach out and be a blessing.

Look for the hidden blessing when you help others, for in reaching out to them, you are reaching your hand out to God.

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