God Gives Life

Well, friends, I have started once again to see physicians, whether virtually or in person. I saw my arthritis doctor and he wanted to do tests. I talked to my nephrologist yesterday and he wants to do a test because the lab reports show that my kidney (I was born with only one) may be having difficulty. So, he started me on two new meds and wants to see me again in six weeks. Six weeks?!? I was seeing my nephrologist who retired every six months and she was happy with that, never mentioning any problems. Thus I was a little concerned about the fact that the new doctor wants to see me again so soon. I tried to digest what was going on yesterday. I told my children and siblings about it. And I pondered it in my heart. After hours of distress, I came to the realization that God gave me life and no one can take it away except God. Light shining on my brain and in my heart! I will go home to Him when He calls me home and not one minute earlier or later. Having reminded myself of these truths (I knew them in my mind but had to get them down into my heart), I felt a huge sense of relief, like a huge bag of stones was taken off my shoulders.

This morning, I read the following Scriptures that encouraged me. In these days of uncertainty with Covid-19 and a presidential election that could change our entire way of life, many people are anxious. God is calming me down with these verses. I hope that they will encourage you, too.

I hope that you will join me in singing praises to God today.

Praise You in this Storm by Chris Tomlin

8 thoughts on “God Gives Life

  1. So appreciate your testimony of peace, even in the dark valley of uncertainty, and the scriptures you shared, Vickie. Just those three key words from Psalm 27:1 hold a wealth of meaning and comfort: Light, Salvation, and Strength. Thank you!

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