Suicide Awareness

I think that suicide touches more people than we know. My beloved uncle, the fun-loving, guitar-playing and lovable man who was a frequent visitor to my home, committed suicide when I was a freshman in college. I remember that I got called to the dorm mother’s room and my two closest friends were asked to accompany me. The dorm mom broke the news to me and told me that my cousin was there to pick me up and take me home. I don’t remember packing or getting in the car or arriving home. All I remember is the devastation, my mother’s ravaged face and all of the quiet voices. Suicide is real and people who are thinking about it need help. Dr. Denison had an article today in his daily forum.

Dr. Denison Sept. 9, 2020

Please be open to listen to others. Please encourage anyone who even mentions suicide in passing to talk to someone at the suicide hotline.

What a Beautiful Name w/ Break Every Chain by Hillsong

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