The Most Important Guest Tag

Purple Rose ( has created another amazing tag with outstanding and thought-provoking questions! Please click on her link and follow my dear sister’s blog.

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you. My deep appreciation goes to Stu over at Something to Stu Over. If you don’t follow Stu, then you should because he shows honesty and insight in his posts that are rare.

2. Link to the original post (The Most Important Guest Tag) and give credit to the creator of the tag (Purple Rose).

From Purple Rose: “I heard someone talking one day about how people would behave if Jesus showed up at their front door. I thought that would be a good idea for a tag. Good for self-reflection and fun.”

3. Answer the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose.

4. Tag as many people as you like.

Here are the questions:

1. Jesus has shown up unannounced at your front door. How long will it take you to answer the door?

I would get to the door and answer it as quickly as I can move, which isn’t very fast, but it is movement. I would probably look down and check out my clothes and probably add a robe to my pj’s (which is my daily attire these days).

2. Is there anything you want to put away or hide before you let Jesus in?

Well, even if I had something to hide, it wouldn’t do any good because Jesus already knows everything about me. So, the answer is no.

3. If Jesus looks for your Bible, where will He find it?

I have numerous Bibles around my house, but generally these days, I use my Bible on my IPad. I also have one next to my chair in the den. And I have one in the basket where I keep the things I take to church with me.

4. If Jesus asks you to play the last song you listened to, what song will it be?

Battles by The Afters

5. If Jesus asks you to put on the last TV show, movie or YouTube video you watched, what will it be?

My TV is usually on Fox News or I watch shows like CSI, Criminal Minds and Rizzoli and Isles. I only watch about an hour or two of TV per day because I’m busy with other things, like reading.

6. It’s dinner time, what restaurant are you taking Jesus to?

Well, my choices are limited because of my dietary restrictions, but I would probably take Him to NN Burger in Tappahannock. They are a small chain of restaurants with a menu that includes huge hamburgers, veggie burgers and lobster rolls. I don’t think it would be so much about the food as the conversation that we would share together.

7. Do you invite anyone to join you for dinner, or do you want to have dinner alone with Jesus?

I would invite my husband, my good friend Carole and her daughter Shai, and my son with his family. The restaurant is small, so no matter where we would sit others eating at the same time could see us with Jesus and join us if they wanted to.

8. Jesus has never eaten at the restaurant you are at. What do you recommend that He order for dinner?

I would recommend the twisters, which are potato fries in a twisted form along with a lobster roll and water to drink.

9. As you are eating dinner, you look toward the entrance and see the one person who hurt you the most. What do you do?

Honestly, I would probably duck my head and ignore them. But I don’t think that Jesus would let me get away with that so I would probably invite him to come eat with us.

10. Before Jesus leaves, do you ask to take a picture with Him on your cell phone?

No, probably not because I’m really shy and I seldom do selfies. But I might ask someone else there to take a group photo.


I am asking that anyone who would like to participate in this thought-provoking tag feel free to participate. but no one should feel obligated to do so.

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