Arise, Shine

All around us these days there is a lot of darkness. And you know what dispels darkness? You do, with the light that God has given you to shine on the world. One candle can take care of a lot of darkness. Think about what all of us Christians can do if we stand together, take a stand with our lights and show the world what Jesus was all about. He was about love and forgiveness, justice and healing. That is what our world needs today, a good dose of Jesus. I hope that you can relate to these Scripture verses today. I have been calling to God, and He really spoke to me through the Book of Isaiah recently. In these days of darkness, our lights shine brighter just because of all of the darkness. Please join me in shining your light.

Arise, Shine from Hosanna Music

Just a reminder that Franklin Graham is leading a prayer march THIS Saturday, September 26th, in Washington, D.C. For information about the event, go to: Prayer March Info. If you cannot attend, you can livestream the event at: Livestream. And if you, like me, cannot do live-streaming, you can still pray for our nation from 12-2 p.m. on Saturday. Let’s shine our lights and pray!

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