Have Confidence in God

These last few days, I have had to keep reminding myself to trust in God. On September 14, I fell and badly sprained my foot. It’s still very swollen and discolored and hard to walk on, but I am thankful that it’s not broken. Then, my nephrologist put me on a new blood pressure medicine which my body decided to react to with chest pains. Really bad chest pains, radiating into my back and numbing my left arm. So, off to the cardiologist who put me on new medication that makes me dizzy. Thankfully, I take it at bedtime and then fall asleep with a little fuzzy headed feeling. But, I’m thankful that the EKG was normal. I have to go in for more tests in three weeks (my doctor wants to wait until the new medicine is firmly established in my system). I have to have two chemical stress tests and an ultrasound of my heart. But, I’m thankful that tests are available and that the doctor has ordered them to try to find out what exactly is going on with my heart. In between doctor visits and hobbling around, I have been reading my Bible and praying. God is my go-to person when I need help or assurance. Pray, praise, repeat.

I am not writing this post so that you feel sorry for me or anything like that. I’m writing just to remind you that God has not changed and is still there, no matter what is happening in your life or in the world. He is still there, waiting to answer our prayers. Isn’t that wonderful news? The whole world is shifting around us. There is chaos everywhere, and yet we are stable in our belief in a God who is bigger than all that is happening. Cities burning? God is greater. Businesses closing? God is greater. The government clearly divided? God is sovereign.

When I fell and just could not get up because of my injured foot, I prayed and asked my husband to pray. And, guess what? I was able to lift myself up with the help of a chair next to my bed and then onto the bed. (I fell in the bathroom, of all places!). When I stand up from my chair now and feel the pain radiating through my foot, I ask God to help me to take the steps that I need to take to get to my next destination in the house. Praying without ceasing is a real thing and in these days, it is needed.

Franklin Graham held a Prayer March in Washington, D.C. today. He was leading a group of prayer warriors in prayer for our nation. God, I have no doubt, was listening. He hears our prayers and acts on them, maybe not with the answer that we want or when we want an answer, but God always answers.

I hope that you will join me in praying for the United States, for our government leaders and for the safety of our first responders. These are perilous times, but God is greater. He is on His throne and waiting for us to call on Him.

God is the Strength of My Heart by Don Moen

14 thoughts on “Have Confidence in God

    1. There was also a day of prayer and repentance called “The Return” on the Mall. I watched most of it (It went from 9 AM til 9 PM.), and it was VERY encouraging. They prayed for healing and revival in America, but not until they had had several hours of confession and repentance.
      It can still be seen at

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  1. Vickie, that was a beautiful testimony to the power of prayer! I identify. No, I didn’t hurt my foot or ankle or whatever, but I get pains sometimes and I just pray them through, and sometimes I know the Lord wants me to write but nothing is there and so I pray and all of a sudden the words begin to flow, etc. Too many times we, as humans, tend to use prayer as a last resort rather than to pray first. God is still in the miracle working business. He works miracles in my life all the time, often just little daily ones, but miracles all the same. So, keep on praying and trusting like you are, and I look forward to hearing more of God’s miracles in your life. Praying for revival in our nation. Love you! Sue

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