Seeing Spiritual Things

Have you ever awakened during the night, when all is dark and almost impossible to see anything? Here in the rural area in which we live, that’s what it’s like when the electricity goes off. No lights anywhere. It’s a good thing that I know my way around my own home, even in the dark. That’s what this Scripture verse spoke to me about. Our eyes cannot see clearly the truths in God’s Word unless He opens our eyes. We need the Holy Spirit speaking to us through His Word, and for that we have to pray that God will open our spiritual discernment. There are so many wonderful things in God’s Word. No matter how many times I read it, I always get something new from it each time I read. How about you? Do you pray before you read God’s Holy Bible that He will open your eyes to see the wonder of it? Blessings on this Sabbath day that God will reveal great and wondrous things to you!

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