Review of INTO THE BATTLE by Jonie Smitley

Jonie Smitley was called to be a missionary from a young age and this book is the testimony of her life there. She spent time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy during the Covid-19 outbreak, Ecuador, and many other places. Basically, she traveled wherever and whenever she was needed, waiting for God’s call. I was fascinated with her close walk with the Lord and how she witnessed to His grace and love in each chapter. The love and dedication that she feels forward the Lord is portrayed in each chapter, with true stories of reaching out to those who need God in their lives. She definitely shows that she has a heart for serving God and the willingness to follow through. Her courage and love and skill are a wonder to behold. This is a very fast read, with short chapters and an amazing true story in each. Christians who want to feel uplifted and encouraged as well as challenged to serve will enjoy this book. And non-Christians can learn from its pages what unselfish devotion is like.
I purchased my copy of this book from Amazon. I was not required to write a positive review.

The opinions expressed are my own. I am happy to say that my daughter Hope is a personal friend of Jonie’s and is part of Jonie’s prayer team when Jonie is on the missions field. So, although I have never met this remarkable woman myself, I have heard many times to pray for Jonie because she is headed out again to do God’s work.

This is a totally clean read that is good for all audiences.

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Please note that I am aware that there are various grammatical and spelling errors in this book. However, take it as a testimony of a dedicated Christian, one devoted to going to work for God no matter the cost, and enjoy the book! I know that I did!

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