How Long Should We Trust?

As I get ready to head to my third medical appointment in as many days, this is the Scripture that I’m leaning on. Today, I go to get a Reclast infusion for my bones. My prayer is that God will let it work and do no harm. This is the last of these treatments that I can get because my bones are still thinning even with the treatment, and there are no other measures to take since my arthritis doctor has tried them all with me. It’s all good, though, because God will take care of my bones just as He takes care of the rest of me. He knows what I have need of and supplies it. Tomorrow I go to my cardiologist to discuss the results of my stress test and ultrasound that I had last week. I got the results sent to me via email, but since I don’t understand them, he will interpret them for me. The good news is that I have not had chest pains since he started me on my new meds. So, for doctors, I trust and verify. But for God, I just trust. Imagine! He is the “Rock of Ages” who has been there forever. He is totally trustworthy and all that is happening to me right now is in His capable and loving hands. I can think of no one else to trust as I trust Him. Forever and always! I hope the same trust is a part of your life, too. Have a blessed day, my friends!

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