Losses and Wins

This weekend brought devastating news to me. First the MSM declared that Biden is the president-elect. Never mind that the vote has not been certified and there are all kinds of allegations of election fraud and legal challenges to the current vote. There are statistical anomalies that make more sense and the election is being compared to Richard Daley taking over Chicago with “down ballots.” I’m disgusted and dismayed, but I’m not defeated and neither is the President. And if it turns out that he LEGALLY loses, then the USA has gotten what we deserve and what many asked for. Nevertheless, I continue to cry out for God’s grace and mercy for our nation.

But, to me, even more upsetting news was the death of the “Jeopardy” TV show host, Alex Trebek. I have watched Jeopardy since I was in my teens at home with my mom and siblings. We watched, played along and enjoyed that half hour of TV each night. (At that time the host was Art Fleming.). Then, when I got married and moved every couple of years, the one show that was a constant in my life was “Jeopardy.” I felt like watching it made me smarter somehow as I absorbed the trivia that was presented there. When Alex Trebek wrote his memoir last year, I got it and read it intently, wanting to know more about this guest in my living room for over three decades. The memoir was heart-touching and heart-rending as he accepted his inevitable death from pancreatic cancer. And yesterday, he passed away. May he Rest In Peace.

So, what wins do I have? I went to church yesterday for the first time in eight months! My husband and I attended a new church in a town about forty minutes away (twice the distance as my previous church), and I thought the service was amazing! Excellent praise and worship time, communion and a sermon that my heart really needed. Just going into public was a real challenge for me since I haven’t gone anywhere except to medical appointments since March. But, masked up and limping around with my boot on my broken foot, I went to church and loved every minute. Afterwards, I met an elderly lady outside waiting for her ride. But as it turns out, Deborah didn’t have a ride. She was trusting Jesus for one. Since she is currently staying in a town near ours, we took her home. Win! We got to help someone! Then, we went to the local restaurant and ordered a thin crust pizza for our lunch. I haven’t had pizza since March either. Even with my very restricted diet, I was allowed two pieces. A lot of thanks for that taste in my mouth again!

Here is Dr. Denison’s Forum for today. I hope that you enjoy reading news from a Christian perspective.

Dr. Denison November 9, 2020

By the way, I joined Parler because it doesn’t censor conservatives. If you want to join, it’s quite easy. I’m @wattsvickie on this app. I hope to see some of you there.

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