God’s Promise to Us


I am a mom of three adult children, yet it seems only yesterday that I held them in my arms and cuddled and fed them. It seems only yesterday that I was teaching them to walk, encouraging them to talk and then, later, to be independent and, hopefully, to make good choices. Even though each of my children has his or her own life now, with their own family, my children are still close to my heart, prayed for daily and thought of more times per day than anyone could think possible. God sees each of us as His child; He has gently and patiently fed us, encouraged us to mature and to walk closely to Him. This verse reminds us that He has us written on the palms of His hands, just where Jesus received the nails of the cross. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It is at the cross that Jesus thought of each of us, even with His last breath. And it is there that God wrote us on the palms of His hands, that we might know forever His great love for us.

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