My Encouragement for Today

Honestly, I have been feeling a little stressed and somewhat depressed, too. You see, I am one of those people who believes that the Presidential election should never have been called yet as long as there are contested states. Now that the media has basically called the election, it seems to be a “done deal” and I am angry and upset for a country that cannot have a fair election because of double standards and a left-leaning media. Hundreds of people have filed affidavits about the fraud and cheating, but what can be done now? I applaud President Trump’s efforts because he is working to guard our electoral system for the future, and therein lies my hope. There is still hope after Joe Biden, if we just don’t give up. So, I will continue to pray and wait, knowing that it will take a miracle for this debacle of an election to be overturned. And, even if it isn’t overturned, God is still on His throne and fulfilling His purpose.

Meanwhile, I am doing Christmas shopping for nine grandchildren, three adult children and their spouses on a limited budget. God is my Provider and so far, I’m staying on budget with only two more to buy for. When we were both working, my husband used to have a Christmas savings account and every November, he would transfer the money to me so that I could use it. Now that we are retired, I save the money from my retirement and shop in December when I have the most funds available. So far, so good, but still stressful. This morning, for example, I was checking out on Amazon and ready to hit the button to complete my order when I noticed that one of the items wouldn’t be delivered until February. Really?!? So, I had to delete it and look for an alternative selection. I love Christmas, with the lights to remind me of the Savior and the praise music that makes my heart happy. But I’m not a fan of shopping, and since all has to be done online this year, it’s a little more stressful. That stress, too, goes on the shoulders of the Lord and off I go to start the rest of my day. The Lord will take care of everything and He will never forsake me because I am one of the works of His hands. Amazing good news!

Have a blessed day filled with purpose, mercy and grace!

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