Every Creature…All


I have read this verse numerous times, but today when I read it the words “every” and “all” jumped off the page at me. Every single creature, all made by the Lord God, which is all, will bow down to the Lamb and recognize that all honor and glory and power belong to Him. Not to the greatest governor of the land, or the richest, or the most talented Hollywood star! No! The Lord Jesus deserves all the glory for it is He who has saved us! The chaos of our current governments will be gone. There will be no more sin or sickness or death. Oh, my! It all boggles my mind to even consider it. Think about the person who considers himself to be most powerful and then imagine that person standing before the Lord Jesus. Where is the power then? Blessings today, my friends, as you face a day of challenges and prayers asked and answered. May you remember that in the end, the glory and power and honor belong to only One, the One and only Son of God.

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