“The Road Not Taken”


The title of my blog today refers to a poem by Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets. Two roads…one choice…a whole lifetime is changed. This morning, as I drove to my doctor’s appointment, I was just going down the road towards the main highway and the thought popped into my head that there were several routes I could have chosen. I chose this one because of the lack of traffic and because it didn’t go by the school zones. We have choices every day, roads to choose. Some of them are the roads that are best for us, the way that God wants us to go. How do we know which way to go? God speaks to our hearts because God takes pleasure in our calling on Him, in reverence, in all things. He has mercy on us, knowing that we are fragile with a limited lifespan. I was thinking about my family members who have been traveling down the wrong road for many years, seeking success and pleasures from the world. Or, maybe they are just getting busy with their own lives and not acknowledging the sovereignty of God. I’m happy that God showed me clearly the way I should go and continues to show me daily, but I am saddened by all the people going the wrong way on a one-way street to destruction. I pray for them, that their eyes will be opened to see the right way, the only way to God. I pray for God to have mercy on them and that one day soon they will come to fear His awesome power and presence in their lives.

I got to my medical appointment just fine because I chose the right route. Everyone can choose the right way; God didn’t make the road to Heaven just for me. He created it for all of mankind. He sent His Son as a sacrifice for all mankind. We have to choose to believe and purposely travel on the road towards Heaven. I hope that you will pray with me during this Christmas season when so many are forced to be inside and away from loved ones that they will be captured by the love of their Heavenly Father and truly come to believe in the One who made a way for them in the wilderness. Let them take the road that not all take, but those who do will be blessed beyond measure and have a peace of mind that no one can understand. I hope in the mercy of the Lord, and I pray that you do, too. Blessings for a wonderful season of celebrating the birth of the Lord!

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