Making Resolutions

Instead of making resolutions for the New Year and asking God to bless them, my plan is to ask God what the “new thing” is that He wants to do in my life and to follow His path. I have made so many resolutions, but I hardly ever kept them. So, my new thing to do is to wait for God’s “new thing” and to expect Him to act miraculously on my behalf throughout the year. I’m almost seven decades old, almost forty-eight years with the Lord as my Savior, and He hasn’t ever failed me. Hardships? Yes, of course. That is a part of life. Disappointments? Too many to name. But not one time have I ever been abandoned by the Lord and left alone in a wilderness. So, my word for this year is “obey.” I want to obey where and when the Lord leads me and know that He is the light for my path and the river in my wasteland. This is the Scripture that I will use as my theme this year. In a new year, I’m expecting new things from the Lord. He never disappoints. After all, He is the Creator!

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