Are You Faithful?

I remember a math class that I took many years ago. As a logical person who wants everything in its place, I didn’t really understand much of that geometry class, but I did understand the conditional statements. You remember them, too, I’m sure. They are the “if…then” statements. For example, you may say, “If it’s sunny today, then we will go to the beach.” The ‘if” clause has to be true for the then clause to kick in. Well, this Scripture is like a conditional statement. IF you are faithful, then God sets you apart and hears when you call on Him. I think that is is awesome that the God of the Universe takes time to listen to me! Are you faithful? Then He hears you. Blessings, my friends for a day filled with the awesome power of God touching your life and drawing you closer to Him. Choose to be faithful!

6 thoughts on “Are You Faithful?

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    1. I got an A but only because I memorized and regurgitated the material. I never understood it. And now I have a son who has a Master’s Degree in math. God has a sense of humor, for sure!


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