Be the Light

In a world filled with sin and darkness, we are called to be the light. It doesn’t say in this verse that we are to be inactive in this whole light thing. We are actively shining into the darkness, just like the headlights on the car on a dark night. There are all kinds of obstacles that could impede our progress in our journey with the Lord, but with our lights shining, we make progress and we show others the way, too. We can’t hide the light because it is on the highest setting, “full bright” to show others who are lost in the darkness the path that they should be on. Some will heed and follow, but others will choose to stay in darkness. We can’t get discouraged about those who don’t want to be in the light. They prefer that their deeds be done in darkness, some even proclaiming wrongly that they have the light when they don’t. Don’t get discouraged. Just keep shining.

4 thoughts on “Be the Light

  1. Thank you, Vickie. I like how you talked about the light here is continually shining, shining brightly, and actively shining, giving out the light of the gospel, and about us not getting discouraged when some people won’t receive it or when others think they are in the light when they aren’t and they won’t come into the light. This is so true. We just have to keep our lights shining brightly and let the Lord work his will in people’s hearts.

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