Light Affliction

This was one of my Scriptures in my devotional this morning and I chuckled to myself when I read the first part about the “light affliction” because I was thinking of my ankle. I almost fell again in the bathroom this morning when my ankle turned and almost gave out. I was not laughing then because I have been in physical therapy for almost six weeks now, with another three weeks predicted by my therapist. And this all from a broken foot in September! So, light affliction and for a moment. Yes! In light of eternity, these last few months are but a blink of an eye. I’m hoping that the pain that I’m going through will be for some higher benefit, like the people that I get to talk to about God and pray for at PT. The lady who is mourning her ill relative, the one who is all alone and trying to take care of herself after she hurt her foot much more seriously than I did, the many who are practicing to move their knees again after replacement surgery, and the former students who now work there and with whom I can share my faith. So, yes, I have to drive to PT, “suffer” through exercise and manipulation of my injured joint. But I get a blessing each time I go because there is someone new there with whom I can talk and share the Gospel. I pray that each seed that I plant will one day bear fruit and lead the person to a glorious eternity with our Savior. After all, that is why each of us is here…we are seed planters and water bearers and sometimes, we even get to harvest. We keep on pressing forward until Jesus calls us home, even with hurt joints. God didn’t plan my hurt ankle, but He can surely use it! How will He use you today to touch someone for eternity? Bless you as you discover your path today!

6 thoughts on “Light Affliction

  1. Yes! That’s divine perspective! Bless you for sharing the gospel regularly! If your life were “perfect,” people might think, “Sure, easy for YOU to say…” Suffering connects us to other suffering people and makes them interested in what helps US cope. 😘

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      1. Sorry to post this here, but the post I read it – God’s Love – won’t let me comment, but Vickie, this a most beautiful testimony! It has blessed me deeply. Thank you so much for sharing this great story and truth. He indeed is love! ❤

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