In the United States of America, we have a tendency to trust our might, our power, our strong economy and usually our President. Those things are our “chariot” and our “horse,” but in reality, only God can be trusted. I recall the great Egyptian army that rode fearlessly into the Red Sea, chasing the Israelites, with their chariots and horses. All of them drowned, wiped out when the Almighty God returned the sea to its bed. It is only when we trust in the Lord our God that we can rest easily, knowing that we are truly safe. There is no government that can save us. There is no mighty army, navy, air force or even marine corps that can save us. Most of us also have to remember that we can’t save ourselves, although we are sometimes determined to try and to set ourselves up as our own god. The only Name to remember is that of the Lord God. It is He Who saves us: from our sin, from the temptations of the world and ultimately, from death. Thus this Scripture brings me great comfort and I hope that you find comfort in this promise, too. It is God who is totally trustworthy to take us through the battles of life and to eternity with Him.

I pray God’s blessing on you today, no matter where you go or what you do. Nothing will happen today that you and God cannot handle together!

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