Review of THE MOONLIGHT SCHOOL by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This was an extremely well-researched and well-written book based on the life of Cora Wilson Stewart, a pioneer for a literacy campaign for adults in Kentucky. The main character in the story, Lucy, from a wealthy family that lives in Louisville, Kentucky. When her father springs a surprise new bride on her, he also tells her that he and Hazel that it would be a great idea for her to become an assistant to her Aunt Cora in Rowan County, a backwoods area that is totally different from anything that Lucy has ever experienced. As a retired teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes in the school room and all of the references to how hard a teacher had to work. The characterization was spot on as was the local jargon, including a special glossary at the beginning of the book. I chuckled aloud when Lucy was expected to mount a horse and ride into the “holler” to meet the local families and find out how people really lived in the most rural areas of the county. I could easily imagine myself in most of the scenarios of the book, so the author did a magnificent job of painting a realistic environment for the action to occur. When Cora has the idea to have moonlight schools to help the adults become literate, Lucy, like me, was not convinced that such a plan would work.The entire book is about relationships in this rural county, how people help each other and how they survive there. It is also about how Lucy’s father had escaped the environment, set up a prosperous lumber business and never looked back. My favorite character was Brother Wyatt, a singing preacher, who captures the minds of the backwoods people with his dedication to helping them in whatever way he can. I loved the entire story and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a book based on fact with a lot of fictional and enjoyable elements included.
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Totally clean Christian fiction
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I’m delighted to be able to read and review for this outstanding blogger program! Nothing makes me happier than to be able to recommend a great Christian book to my readers!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough! From the glossary to the Afterword, I was educated, entertained and enticed by the story of THE MOONLIGHT SCHOOL.

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