The Reward Is Life

If we are the children of the Lord, the end result of our labors on earth is life, eternity with our Savior and our God. It is imperative that we teach the Gospel to as many as possible before we leave this earth because their end is death, an eternal separation from God. Many preachers today are saying that there is no hell, no judgment. The Word of God clearly points out repeatedly that hell does exist and that it was not made for man originally, but if man persists in sin, then death is the consequence.

What makes someone righteous? Belief in Jesus as their Lord and Savior! There is nothing, not one thing, that we can do to earn salvation and eternal life. Jesus already paid the price in full for each believer.

What makes someone wicked? A constant choice to sin. Note that word, choice. Sin is a choice. You don’t fall into sin. It doesn’t reach out and grab you. You make a choice to sin once. Then, as time goes on, the choice becomes easier, almost automatic. You look around and your life has changed because of your choices.

Each day, we all have choices to make. The righteous make choices based on our belief that Jesus died for us. For me, I don’t want to disappoint Him or cause Him any more suffering than what He already went through for me. So, I strive to please Him, often asking Him what I should do before I make a decision. Likewise, the wicked make choices, too, but they believe that the only one that they answer to is themselves. Humanism is rampant in earth today. It’s broadcast on every news channel, on every radio station, the evil choices that men are making without any consideration for the eternal consequences.

Our mission on earth, as Jesus’s followers, is to take as many people with us to Heaven as we can. We share the Gospel, tell the wicked that there is a different choice for them, a choice that means eternal life instead of eternal damnation. Sharing the Gospel is not a choice for us; it is a commission from the One who saved us. God is holding back His judgment on the earth so that as many as possible can be saved. He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell, but he will allow it to happen because He is righteous and just. Right now, I believe that He is showing His mercy, but that will not always be so. May He open the eyes and ears of the wicked to hear and accept His truth and may we be His willing servants to tell that truth to others.

God bless each of you that you may accept and go forth today with the Word of Truth in your hearts and on your lips, ready to tell those who need to hear.

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