Praising God

We had some disturbing news this week and we are trying to work through a difficult situation with a property management company, so prayers are appreciated. In the meantime, God has called me to praise Him. When the circumstances are going well, praise Him. When everything is turned upside down, praise Him. Whether things work out or not, I’m trying to remain calm and focused on God who will take care of us, regardless.

My Scripture verses from my devotional this morning were just what I needed to start today. They are like a breath of fresh air to my soul. I had to remind myself today that nothing will happen that God and I can’t handle together. Of course, my husband is with me in this, too, but his constantly talking about the problem is wearing on me. I’m hoping that I can get him to take time to pray with me today about it, longer than a cursory, “God, take care of it for us” kind of thing. Anyway, I feel ready for a new day and I hope that you do, too.

O Lord by Lauren Daigle

I pray that each of you has a blessed and wonderful day, filled with His presence, His comfort and His love.

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