The Godless

It’s hard to believe with all of the technological advances that there are people today who are totally Godless. Or, perhaps that is better stated, that their god is themselves or their possessions or their job. Their god is not the God of the Bible; thus they are easily led into believing more and more lies. Point in case is the Episcopalian private school in NYC that is teaching children not to call their parents “mom” and “dad.” This was reported in Dr. Denison’s Forum yesterday.

Dr. Denison March 15, 2021

There was a Papal announcement yesterday that had me scratching my head in wonder. Pope Francis has been very leftist and liberal, so his announcement yesterday that homosexual marriage is “illicit” puzzled me. According to the article I read, he said that we have to basically accept homosexuality, but homosexuals cannot get married and have the blessing of the church. What?!? I understand loving the homosexual, because they are sinners like the rest of us; they just haven’t found grace and forgiveness yet. Anyway, the Pope’s statement was a little disconcerting, like talking out of two sides of the same mouth.

The Epoch Times March 16, 2021

Dr. Denison’s Forum today addressed the topic of the Pope. It also addressed the Grammy Awards, a show that I stopped watching long ago because of its blatant disregard for any kind of decorum or morality. According to Dr. Denison, the Grammys this year were worse than ever and could be considered X-rated. This is a terrible commentary on our nation, that we would accept such a blatant display and not call it out as sin. Again, my mind is reeling with all that is happening today, as our nation spirals quickly down the rabbit hole of sin and destruction. What concerns me is that more Christians are not speaking up against things like this. Mike Huckabee, a well-known Christian conservative and former governor of Arkansas, wrote against the show in his newsletter today. Finally, Tucker Carlson from Fox News, questioned the absurdity of banning Dr. Seuss and allowing X-rated dances and songs on the Grammys.

Dr. Denison, March 16, 2021

Well, with all of that bad news, what is the Good News?

Here you go! A promise from God for the blameless. Remember that you don’t get “blameless” on your own. The only way that you are cleansed is through the blood of Christ, God’s only Son who sacrificed Himself so that we could call ourselves His children. I’m glad that I fit into the first part of that verse and feel bad for those who are in the second part. Let’s remember to pray for them to see the truth and the light and to accept the truth of God’s Word. Repentance is the word of the day.

Blessings to each of you and prayers that you will remember to pray for our nation, for the sinners and for this end of the age. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

9 thoughts on “The Godless

  1. Hi Vickie. Good post. I think Christians are speaking out against all this, but we are vastly outnumbered. We’re at the end the age when God says these things will only get worse and worse. No surprise whatsoever.

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  2. Hey Vickie,
    I agree that things are getting worse and worse by the minute, but as far as the Grammy’s go, I saw a report that the show’s ratings were the worse they’ve ever been. Hardly anyone tuned in. So while msm is telling us all how great all this nasty stuff is very few are buying into it so it seems. Unfortunately the few who are buying into it have the largest megaphones, but it does give me an inkling of hope that most people are tuning out. I wish more humans loved Jesus though!
    Great post, my friend!


    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I just saw this morning that their ratings were very low, just as they should be. We are speaking our voice by changing the channel. Same goes for NBA. Lower ratings. Standing for Jesus definitely means on standing against the cancel culture and the vile things that they produce.


  3. What is sad is that the people who condone the behavior in Grammy’s are the same ones who are saying Dr. Suess is wrong. They are also the same ones who tell us not to call out specific gender pronouns when addressing someone.

    Another needed post Vickie. Thank you for standing for Godliness!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I thank God that I am not raising children in this time, but I have grandchildren who are being influenced by this culture. Romans says “And professing themselves wise, they became as fools….” Certainly appropriate for these days.

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    1. I’m sure that you are correct that the church was sleeping and is not awakening. I fear,though, that it is too little, too late because the U.S. is so far gone to the sin side. So many are calling sin okay. When the Pope said that homosexual marriages are illicit, others cried “foul” instead of supporting his comment that didn’t really even go far enough. All that we can do is stand and fight the battle daily, telling others the truth and hoping that some will be convinced to turn before it is too late for them. Everything that I see points to Jesus’s returning, although I know that He is delaying so that more can be saved.

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