Obeying God Rather than Men

Having been told not to preach about Jesus, this was the reply of the Apostles. Can we do any less?

Wise words from Gamaliel, a leader of the day. The Gospel has survived for centuries and I know that it will survive the current onslaught of a culture that denies God.

Here is what Dr. Denison had to say about what Don Lemon (a liberal broadcaster on CNN) had to say about the Pope’s calling homosexual marriages illicit.

Dr. Denison on You Tube

No matter what men may say is correct, we answer to a higher authority. God’s Word will stand! It’s just a matter of deciding whether we will stand with God or not.

I pray for you to have a blessed day, remembering that today is St. Patrick’s Day. It’s not all about wearing green and shamrocks. St. Patrick risked his freedom and his life to preach the Gospel. Think about that as you wear your green today and wish each other “the luck of the Irish.” The Irish were blessed to have such a Godly man be so burdened for their souls. May each of us remember that it is our sacred duty to preach the Gospel to the lost, particularly those who do not know that they are lost.

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