Testify and Trust

There are so many people who need to know the Lord. As we tell them about our testimony, many scoff and mock us. Nevertheless, we are called to testify and then just trust God to help the seed to grow. We may only have a small part in someone’s hearing the Word of God and believing, but we need to play our part, no matter how small we think it is.

Here is an article from Dr. Denison today about Christianity being on trial. It truly is. I encourage you to watch the accompanying videos that elaborate on the subject, especially the one about the Equality Act, a direct attack on Christianity. Don’t be surprised when the world is turning against God and all that He stands for. Prophecy said that these days would come.

Dr. Denison April 8, 2021

Be blessed today so that you can be a blessing!

3 thoughts on “Testify and Trust

  1. I never thought of the trial this way before. I have always thought of the trial in heaven, where we are the defendants, the enemy is our accuser, and Jesus is our defense attorney (our defense being that our crimes are already paid for). But this is a good analogy for the trial that is going on in the world today. May we be faithful witnesses.

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