A Prayer for You

I used to sing a song in church with the children and I was reminded of it this morning in my devotional.

Deep and Wide

Now, I would like you to look carefully at this photo.

Photo from http://www.wallpapersafari.com

If you have ever been to the ocean, you know that you can’t see the end of it. Oceans actually seem to go on forever. That is how Jesus’s love for us is. It has no end. It is deeper than the deepest ocean, wider than the widest sea and longer than any body of water imaginable. We cannot put Jesus’s love for us in a box and then use it daily and say one day, “Well, I used it all. It’s all gone now.” That’s not how His love works. It’s like a fountain that continually flows from the throne of Heaven into our lives. Likewise, we have that fountain flowing in us to others. So deep and wide!

May God bless each of you today with a renewed understanding of just how much He loves you and desires you to spend time with Him getting filled up with His great love.

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