Man Is Like A Breath

For well over a year now, God’s Spirit has been speaking to me to focus on what is important. Today puts a real point on this Scripture. It is my oldest grandson’s graduation day from high school. Isaac has always been a blessing, a shy creature who prefers solitude to company but who will gladly debate points in the Scripture about which he needs clarification. I got up at 4 this morning so that we can drive to his graduation, but before I could start getting ready, the Spirit spoke to me and told me to gather photos of his childhood. I know that many will have slide shows with all of the bells and whistles, but I’m using what I have and hope that these photos of how much he has been cherished will be enough. You see, Isaac is joining the USAF. He has excelled in school and could go to college on a scholarship. But what he wants most is freedom. He has worked hard and should be able to pursue whatever dreams he has. I am wishing him all the best, but mostly, I want him to know that life is short. Life is a shadow and God is eternity. Throughout his childhood and young adulthood, his grandfather and I have sowed those seeds. Now we want them to be brought to fruition in the best possible ways. I will miss the boy, the young man and now I will miss the young adult. But he will forever be in my heart, and I pray that I am in his.

7 thoughts on “Man Is Like A Breath

    1. Thank you, David. He has had a rough time of it, with an autistic sister who gets almost 100% of the attention all the time. Thus his decision to join the military. I pray that it works out well for him.

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