His Mercy Endures Forever

In my devotionals this week, I read about the word “Selah” that is in the Bible almost one hundred times. The writer of the devotional (entitled “Mornings with Jesus 2021”) said that this word really means to pause, focus and praise. I liked that, along with the suggestion that followed. I set my alarm for three different times during the day and each time my watch alarm went off, I paused what I was doing, focused on Jesus and praised Him for something specific. Simple, yet so profound!

The day that I started my “selah” moments, my husband and I had an appointment to see my ortho back specialist. It was just a routine follow-up, so not a really big deal. However, on the way there, we were in a car accident. We were shaken up but not injured, our car was towed from the scene and we are getting a rental car today. Praise God! We were okay! I had to climb over the seat into the back seat to get out because my door was jammed shut. The police officer and my husband assisted, so I got out okay. The other driver could not have been more concerned or kind. He even called yesterday to check on us and drove to his insurance office to expedite the claim and the rental car. That’s God’s mercy and grace at work, folks! My husband and I are fine except for a little soreness and I think that’s to be expected. I’m just so thankful! Life and its plans change so quickly, but God never changes and we were never out of His loving care.

As an added blessing, I talked to the other driver’s insurance agent and told her our dilemma. We have plans to visit our new grand baby next week and our grandson who graduates from high school the following week. She said to just take the rental car and go…we can worry about getting our car back when we return since it will likely take several weeks to get it back on the road again. God is good! All the time! Never have I ever been so glad to be totally dependent on God’s sovereign power. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone makes it one day without Him!

May the Lord of all grace and mercy bless and be with you today as you seek His face and how to be His ambassador.

Selah=Pause, Focus, Praise

12 thoughts on “His Mercy Endures Forever

  1. Hey, Vickie. I’m glad all went well. This a very positive and upbeat devotion you gave, a great example how God provides for us in bad circumstances. And I like the idea of pausing 3 times a day to praise and thank God.

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  2. I’m so glad you and your husband are ok. I love your whole plan of “Selah” and knowing more about what it means! When I hear that word it has a special meaning to me for other reasons… Selah, as you may or may not know, is also the name of a rather well-known Christian singing group. I happened to discover them in the traumatic days, weeks and months after my husband decided to leave 10 years ago. Their music and inspiring lyrics were pivotal in getting me through each day of that horrific time period. For me, their music also induced the same action as your idea……..Pause, Focus, Praise. Blessings to you Vicki. 🙂

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  3. Vickie, I am so glad that you were not injured in the automobile accident. And I am happy for you that everything is working out for you. The Lord gave you an immediate opportunity to put what you were learning into practice, didn’t he? God is good! Thank you for sharing your experience and what the Lord is teaching you through it all. So encouraging! God bless you! Love you! Sue


  4. Catching up to this past post. Thanks Vickie for sharing the meaning and application of “Selah” from Scripture. Taking a few moments each day to pause, reflect, and share a quiet word with the Lord brings us a small dose of His blessings.

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